Greater St. Peter Faith Tabernacle

1712 Hovland Court, Evanston IL.

The history of the origin of the Fire Baptized Holiness Church in Evanston unfolds itself around the late Bishop W.E. Fuller, Sr. D.D. One of his greatest desires and expectations was to see a church in Evanston. His labor forever lives in Evanston. 

Many devout leaders consumed with a zeal for God succeeded each other in leading this little band of believers; they were: Rev. P.S. McDaniel, Rev. Asa Williams, Rev. Hodge, Mrs. W.L. White, Rev. J. Johnson, Rev. A.L. McCracken, Rev. J. Slappy, Rev. U. Darkins, Rev. L. J. Jenkins, Rev. S. T. Ryals, Rev. W. L. Neals, and Rev. A. Thompson. 

The church in Evanston had its beginning long before there was such a thing as a special building or any other place where the people of God could come together to worship the Lord.

Rev. P. S. Mc. Daniel in the year 1923 organized the church at Evanston with a very few members. Many difficulties and obstacles confronted them. They were met with opposition. Many were suspicious of these people who should and gave God the praise. Oppressed on every side, they moved from place to place trying to become established.

In the year 1949, a few saints of great faith prayed to God to send to Evanston the one of His choosing. Over twenty years passed and still there was no place for service. Evanston needed someone with great influence; someone to restore their faith and to give new courage. Some had become weakened and had all but despaired. It seemed all hope was gone; “but man’s extremity is God’s opportunity”. 

Rev. Mrs. L. J. McCracken was sent to Evanston from Detroit, Michigan. Rev. McCracken was the answer to prayer. She proved to be the stimulus needed for this small membership. “We will build a church!” were her words. The idea began to take root and sink deeper into our hearts. An immense expectation filled our souls. At Last, we were going to enjoy an edifice, a Holy structure all our own. In face of all adversities, Pastor McCracken encouraged the members to hold on and to look for the blessings of God. 

God has so richly blessed, and the saints of Faith Tabernacle can lift their voices in prayer and thanksgiving that God will fill His church with all truth; for its foundation is built upon truth and righteousness, with walls hut in love and happiness. Its furnishings are the fruits of the spirit. Where in anything it is amiss, we must reform it. Where it is right, it must be established, where it is in want, the Lord will provide. 

We shall always be indebted to Bishop W. E. Fuller, Jr. D.D., presiding Elder A. L. McCracken, alone with the many others for their loyal support both financially and physically. 

Pastor McCracken claimed 1712 Hovland Court, this very spot of ground of faith and it was consecrated as The Tabernacle of God. Greater St. Peter Faith Tabernacle stands as a beacon light for those in darkness to come and find. At the end of each year Pastor McCracken would pay thousands of dollars toward the principal. After 14 years, in 1976 as the Lord was leading her, she said “the time has come to pay off the mortgage. In April 1976, thank God, the debt was paid in full. Many leaders have followed the leadership of Pastor McCracken and we salute their time, talent and treasure, the late Pastor Mary E. Nebitt, the late Elder Ben Campbell, the late Elder George Clark, Elder William J. Culliver Jr, Elder M. Anthony Durham and our current Pastor, Reverend Joseph L. Roberts.

Greater St. Peter remains faithful and focused to meeting the needs of our community, with community feeding, Harmony on Hovland our community back to school day, our partnership with Evanston Own It, our virtual worship, and classes through our 5013C The Source Multicultural Center. Faithful to finish we are Greater St. Peter.