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Keeping The Charge!


Our Pastor

Reverend Joseph L. Roberts

Completing the Assignment! 

Reverend Joseph L. Roberts
Mission Made Possible…

On Sunday October 25, 2009, Holy Bethel Fire Baptized Holiness Church was re-organized, and the Reverend Joseph L. Roberts became our Joshua and 7th Pastor. Being led of God, the spirit spoke to Pastor during the ministries revamping in December of 2009, and Holy Bethel became known as “The City of Praise Church of Chicago”!

On October 16, 2016, Pastor was appointed to the Pastorate of St. Peter Fire Baptized Church in Evanston Illinois, as her 7th Pastor, and serve dual as Pastor of two churches, working in both communities to bring the Fire back to Chicago.

He is a graduate of Grand Canyon University with a degree in Christian Arts/Christian Psychology. 

In 2006, we started feeding the homeless, 2009 adopting Damen Courts, Grace House and Bethune School we then continued our efforts and adopted Chalmers School and now Tonti School and Senior Suites of Gage Park. In 2018 our community work became a 5013C The Source Multicultural Center and through this vision we had clothed, feed and assisted thousands in a matter of 12 years. With the need to expand and encourage we have our Orlando  Outreach leading the way of evangelism and community support. 

Through Pastors vision FBH CHICAGO is partnered with Chicago Survivors, Chicago Public Schools, EVANSTOWN OWN IT,  In-Covenant Fellowship, Evanston Cradle to Career, Englewood Senior Nursing Home, The Salvation Army, Red Cross, Toys 4 Tots, and various other community organizations in effort to enhance our youth, church, community, city and the FBH Organization. His vision is to see this ministry open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, meeting the needs of the community and city.

In June of 2014, Pastor became a member of the National Board of Protocol for the Fire Baptized Holiness Church and in June of 2015, Pastor Roberts was elevated to the National Director of Protocol for the Fire Baptized Holiness Church. In 2018 after 10 years of distributing food and clothing to the community and aiding local shelters and schools the dream of our 501(3)C The Source Multi-Cultural Center finally became a reality and since its conception we have fed and clothed thousands. In 2021 Pastor was promoted to Media Director of Evanston Own It (5013C) and in March of 2024 he was promoted to Co-Chair of Evanston Own It. 


This year we celebrate Pastors 31 Years of General Executive Church Administration to this church.
29 Years of Preaching
15 Years as Pastor of The City of Praise &

8 Years as Pastor of Greater St. Peter.


A worship and praise leader, an event planner, an executive assistant and a Pastor. Pastor Roberts has changed traditional religion here to a 21st century global ministry, lighting the way for other ministries to acquire a new look at kingdom work through empowerment, equipping and evangelism. Committed to “Ministry beyond the walls to meet the mandate of Kingdom Building…”  Keeping the faithful dream alive of our founder “A Charge to Keep I have a God to glorify, A never dying soul to save and fit it for the sky, to serve this present age my calling to fulfill, O may all my powers engage to do my Masters will.”

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